Should Babies Be Diapers

Currently, many parents are still wondering about the question: Should babies be diapers? Because there are many ideas about having babies in diapers 24/24 will get skin and genital diseases during development. So should diapers for babies? Join us to answer this question through the article below.

Should babies be diapers or not?

In the period of taking care of babies, parents do not always know exactly the time that babies go to the toilet, so many families cannot avoid being “chubby” out. Therefore, choosing diapers, diapers for babies is a very necessary thing in the stage of caring for infants with parents.

Using diapers and diapers is the top solution for parents to feel secure when doing other tasks and also feel comfortable for them. However, for some families who consider using diapers, diapers will cause babies the deformities as well as skin diseases, affecting the baby’s genitals.

Distinguish types of diapers, diapers for babies

On the market today there are many types of diapers, diapers for babies with different uses, designs, suitable for each age. Parents should know the types of diapers and diapers suitable for babies:

  • Newborn pads: It’s like a sanitary pad but is much bigger for babies to use every day. Usually applied in cloth diapers to increase absorbency, protect the baby’s skin.
  • Diapers: Just like sanitary pads have a design with convenient glue sticking to your baby’s pants. Often used for newborn babies.
  • Diapers: This diaper is designed with 2 materials: Bucket and Cloth.
  • Diapers: made of mosquito nets, usually used to line diapers or for babies when they are a little older, in the baby’s pants.
  • Cloth diapers: made of cotton cloth and commonly used with newborn pads.
  • Diaper pants: Diaper-like design, made of cloth and fitted with convenient side patches that make it easy for parents to replace diapers.
  • Diaper: shaped like pants, but made entirely of fabric. There are 2 common types of diapers: diapers and diapers, these 2 types are different on 2-sided pads and not on pants.

The right time to diaper babies

During the time of birth, parents should not use diapers immediately because diapers are sized and designed not suitable for babies at this stage.

According to studies have shown, the appropriate time for babies to use diapers is from 2 months of age or older. However, the time when babies use diapers in each family is different, some households have used diapers for babies since 2 weeks of age, others think that the appropriate age for babies to use diapers is after 3, 4 months of age.

Moreover, the rumors of early diapering for babies can cause infertility and bowing legs are completely inaccurate. Therefore, parents do not have to worry much about this issue when diapers for babies.

However, parents must diaper the baby properly, otherwise it can make them feel uncomfortable, prone to diaper rash, or even some skin diseases.

Tips for moms on diapers for babies

Currently, many young families are still not familiar with infant diapers, so they are still wondering about issues such as how to choose a diaper, how to use a diaper, and whether a newborn should play a diaper. Below, Vnshop would like to introduce solutions to these problems.

How to choose diapers for babies

Currently, there are many ways to find and choose diapers suitable for babies according to their attributes such as age, weight or even parents can choose diapers for babies depending on the manufacturer.

Proper diaper for babies

Proper diapering for babies is also an important step, not only to help them feel comfortable to wear but also to prevent them from being intimidated, minimizing the risk of them becoming ill. skin. You can refer to how to diaper your baby below:

  • Prepare everything beside: new diapers, wet towels, warm water pots, dry towels, trash cans, etc.
  • Focus on putting your baby in diapers, doing nothing else, and not leaving him alone unattended.
  • Wash hands before diapering your baby.
  • Lay your baby down on a bed or rug, mat.
  • If the baby has not had diapers in the past, just wear them as instructed on the packaging.
  • If you were using diapers before, gently remove it, roll it into the trash.
  • Use wet paper, a damp washcloth, wipe gently from front to back, wipe the buttocks. If your child defecates too much, overflow, you need to wash with water. This towel then leaves.
  • Use another towel, blot with warm water to clean again.
  • Then wipe with a dry towel.
  • Finally, replace the diaper, avoiding the navel area.
  • For newborns, change every 2-3 hours, then 3-4 hours older.

Some notes when diapers for babies

  • Do not let your baby diapers 24/24.
  • Do not leave the diaper for more than 8 hours.
  • When children over 3 years old, parents should practice for the baby to the toilet.
  • Do not reuse old diapers.
  • You should choose diapers carefully to avoid cases of wrong sizes.
  • Before diapering a baby, parents should use diaper rash cream or talcum powder.
  • Parents should clean their hands when changing diapers for their babies

Through the above article, I hope to answer parents’ questions about whether babies should be diapers or not? Hopefully, the information given above will provide good support for parents during the time of newborn care. Sincerely thank the parents for taking the time to monitor this article and see you again in the next article.