How Do I Choose a Crib Mattress

Baby crib mattresses help babies sleep better and deeper. However, how to choose the best baby crib mattress and how to use the mattress to get the best effect is the overall question in the article? Please refer to the article below!

Lessons and experiences on how to choose a baby crib mattress

Choose a solid and flat crib mattress

Most mothers when choosing crib mattresss for their baby, often choose soft crib mattresses that are able to support baby’s back so as to avoid back and joint pains. However, this is not a good choice, it’s even more dangerous for baby as this kind of crib mattress affect the bone structure of the baby. A crib mattress with flatness and moderate hardness will help baby develop well and even have better sleep. Comfort during sleep contributes to the formation and development of the brain and bones of young baby.

Therefore, a firm and flat crib mattress is a good choice when selecting the first crib mattress for your baby.

 The crib mattress must have good ventilation

The body temperature of young baby often changes, so you should choose a type of crib mattress with good hygroscopy and good ventilation so as to keep moisture during winter and have good ventilation during the summer. A well-aerated crib mattress will help young baby get deeper sleep and avoid the risk of suffocation. This is because when the baby’s crib mattress is not well aerated, there is no ventilation and this will cause the body to get hot, especially during the summer, and cause body rashes to occur.How Do I Choose a Crib Mattress

 Size and the moderate thickness

Note that when choosing a crib mattress for your baby, we recommend that you choose a type of crib mattress with moderate thickness. You should not choose a very thick crib mattress because handling the baby’s hygiene will be very difficult. Further, the bed will be unnecessarily tall and easy for the baby to fall. The mother should choose a 9cm thickness padding to ensure good aesthetics, durability, and ease of handling baby’s hygiene.

Choice of colors of soft upholstery cover and funny texture

Choosing soft color wraps and funny motifs is a factor that mothers often overlook when buying beddings for baby.

When buying beddings for your baby, do not ignore this. Usually, baby like funny and cute animal pictures, and of course, when your baby really loves the color of his crib mattress, he will have a good night’s sleep and be more interested in his room. Therefore, be very careful when choosing types of crib mattresss with funny motifs and gentle colors for your baby.


Most latex crib mattresses contain high levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can become toxic when heated by a baby’s body temperature. VOC poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and irritation of the eyes and nose. More seriously, prolonged exposure may damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and central nervous system.

VacuumingHow Do I Choose a Crib Mattress

The first step to cleaning the crib mattress is to vacuum. Vacuuming helps remove dust mites, dirt, dead skin, hair loss, and other debris from the crib mattress. You should use a vacuum cleaner with a large brush installed while cleaning the top of the crib mattress. Use a long suction nozzle to remove dust from the grooves, edges, and corners. Note that before vacuuming, make sure to clean the faucet and brush attached to the vacuum cleaner.

Dealing with stains

You should immediately clean any water spills on the crib mattress. Wet a clean towel with cold water and blot the spill. Do not rub too hard to prevent water from getting deeper into the crib mattress. Pat until the towel drains excess water from the crib mattress.

 Remove stains on the crib mattress

Mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 spoon of dishwashing liquid into a small bowl. Use a spoon to stir until the mixture forms foam. Dip the old toothbrush into the foam and gently rub it on the dirty crib mattress. Then wipe off excess water with a damp, clean cloth. For foam crib mattresses, use only a very small amount of cleaning solution to avoid wetting the crib mattress

This solution can effectively handle stains caused by dust, food, and drinking water.

Remove biological stains with an enzyme cleaning solution

Spray a small amount of enzyme cleaning solution on a clean towel. Dab a towel over the stain and leave it on for 15 minutes. Use that towel to dab on the dirty area to remove the stain. Clean the area just treated with a clean cloth dipped in cold water.

Do not spray cleaning solution directly on the crib mattress. Do not leave the crib mattress wet, especially foam crib mattresses, so during cleaning, you should use a cleaning solution as little as possible. The enzyme cleaning solution can break down proteins in the blood, urine, sweat, vomit, and other biological stains. In addition, this solution also helps effectively treat stains caused by grease.

Sprinkle Baking soda on the crib mattress

After you have treated the stain, you can clean and deodorize the entire crib mattress by sprinkling baking soda with lots of baking soda all over the crib mattress.

To give the crib mattress a pleasant scent, add 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to baking soda before sprinkling it on the crib mattress.

Pour baking soda onto the sieve so that it can spread evenly over the crib mattress through the sieve.

Hang the crib mattress out in the air

After cleaning, you should expose the crib mattress to the air for a while to dry out any water that remains on the crib mattress. Water trapped inside the crib mattress can cause mold and is difficult to clean. When the weather is warm, you can open the window to allow cool air from outside to enter the room and dry the crib mattress faster. In addition, you can also open curtains and blinds to catch the sun because UV rays from the sun can kill bacteria and mold on the crib mattress, eliminate odors, and dry the crib mattress faster.

Hopefully, the information I have shared in the article will help parents choose the best quality baby crib mattress, know how to clean the crib mattress effectively, and lastly ensure good health of the baby!

Should Babies Be Diapers

Currently, many parents are still wondering about the question: Should babies be diapers? Because there are many ideas about having babies in diapers 24/24 will get skin and genital diseases during development. So should diapers for babies? Join us to answer this question through the article below.

Should babies be diapers or not?

In the period of taking care of babies, parents do not always know exactly the time that babies go to the toilet, so many families cannot avoid being “chubby” out. Therefore, choosing diapers, diapers for babies is a very necessary thing in the stage of caring for infants with parents.

Using diapers and diapers is the top solution for parents to feel secure when doing other tasks and also feel comfortable for them. However, for some families who consider using diapers, diapers will cause babies the deformities as well as skin diseases, affecting the baby’s genitals.

Distinguish types of diapers, diapers for babies

On the market today there are many types of diapers, diapers for babies with different uses, designs, suitable for each age. Parents should know the types of diapers and diapers suitable for babies:

  • Newborn pads: It’s like a sanitary pad but is much bigger for babies to use every day. Usually applied in cloth diapers to increase absorbency, protect the baby’s skin.
  • Diapers: Just like sanitary pads have a design with convenient glue sticking to your baby’s pants. Often used for newborn babies.
  • Diapers: This diaper is designed with 2 materials: Bucket and Cloth.
  • Diapers: made of mosquito nets, usually used to line diapers or for babies when they are a little older, in the baby’s pants.
  • Cloth diapers: made of cotton cloth and commonly used with newborn pads.
  • Diaper pants: Diaper-like design, made of cloth and fitted with convenient side patches that make it easy for parents to replace diapers.
  • Diaper: shaped like pants, but made entirely of fabric. There are 2 common types of diapers: diapers and diapers, these 2 types are different on 2-sided pads and not on pants.

The right time to diaper babies

During the time of birth, parents should not use diapers immediately because diapers are sized and designed not suitable for babies at this stage.

According to studies have shown, the appropriate time for babies to use diapers is from 2 months of age or older. However, the time when babies use diapers in each family is different, some households have used diapers for babies since 2 weeks of age, others think that the appropriate age for babies to use diapers is after 3, 4 months of age.

Moreover, the rumors of early diapering for babies can cause infertility and bowing legs are completely inaccurate. Therefore, parents do not have to worry much about this issue when diapers for babies.

However, parents must diaper the baby properly, otherwise it can make them feel uncomfortable, prone to diaper rash, or even some skin diseases.

Tips for moms on diapers for babies

Currently, many young families are still not familiar with infant diapers, so they are still wondering about issues such as how to choose a diaper, how to use a diaper, and whether a newborn should play a diaper. Below, Vnshop would like to introduce solutions to these problems.

How to choose diapers for babies

Currently, there are many ways to find and choose diapers suitable for babies according to their attributes such as age, weight or even parents can choose diapers for babies depending on the manufacturer.

Proper diaper for babies

Proper diapering for babies is also an important step, not only to help them feel comfortable to wear but also to prevent them from being intimidated, minimizing the risk of them becoming ill. skin. You can refer to how to diaper your baby below:

  • Prepare everything beside: new diapers, wet towels, warm water pots, dry towels, trash cans, etc.
  • Focus on putting your baby in diapers, doing nothing else, and not leaving him alone unattended.
  • Wash hands before diapering your baby.
  • Lay your baby down on a bed or rug, mat.
  • If the baby has not had diapers in the past, just wear them as instructed on the packaging.
  • If you were using diapers before, gently remove it, roll it into the trash.
  • Use wet paper, a damp washcloth, wipe gently from front to back, wipe the buttocks. If your child defecates too much, overflow, you need to wash with water. This towel then leaves.
  • Use another towel, blot with warm water to clean again.
  • Then wipe with a dry towel.
  • Finally, replace the diaper, avoiding the navel area.
  • For newborns, change every 2-3 hours, then 3-4 hours older.

Some notes when diapers for babies

  • Do not let your baby diapers 24/24.
  • Do not leave the diaper for more than 8 hours.
  • When children over 3 years old, parents should practice for the baby to the toilet.
  • Do not reuse old diapers.
  • You should choose diapers carefully to avoid cases of wrong sizes.
  • Before diapering a baby, parents should use diaper rash cream or talcum powder.
  • Parents should clean their hands when changing diapers for their babies

Through the above article, I hope to answer parents’ questions about whether babies should be diapers or not? Hopefully, the information given above will provide good support for parents during the time of newborn care. Sincerely thank the parents for taking the time to monitor this article and see you again in the next article.

Should I Wear Bra at Night During Pregnancy ?

We live in the 21st century, where we are presented with things and technology that are making our life much easier. Pregnancy is a phase that requires much ease for the good health of the baby as well as the mother. In addition, different researches have come in handy for providing the best during pregnancy for mothers as well as the child.

In addition, it is essential for you to understand the fact that wearing a bra at night and other sleepwear is accurate or not during pregnancy. We are here assisting you with a complete guide regarding the aspect of pregnant women lingerie, also stating which one to choose for yourself. To gain additional information, continue reading the details stated below to comprehend the comprehensive guide.

Is it okay to wear a bra at night?

During pregnancy, the primary thing is to have comfort for you and fetus in the womb. People who are missing out on the importance of comfort have to suffer, along with several complications after completion of the phase of pregnancy.

It is better to get rid of the bra at night for optimal movement of the baby in the womb. Also, if you are wearing a strapped bra or wired bra, then it can cause hindrance in the movement of the baby’s movement in the womb in the third trimester.

So it is a considerable aspect that you should be skipping out bra at night for your comfort as well as the optimal movement of the baby in the womb and to avoid any futuristic complications.Should I Wear Bra at Night During Pregnancy

What are the top maternity underwear recommendations?

Well, lingerie is the most thoughtful concept during pregnancy that pregnant women should be considerate. It is essential for you to get yourself the optimal piece of the best underwear for pregnancy and bra that can fit you accurately and provide you comfort along. Let us get started with some of the optimal listings for choosing the best maternity underwear for pregnancy.

Underbelly underwear

When going through the options of maternity underwear, then you would be provided with different options, and one of the leading would-be underbelly underwear. This is an optimal piece for women with a smaller structure of abdominal as it can fit them the best. It is a considerable choice for those who like loosely fitted lingerie during pregnancy. Underbelly is an optimal piece for those whose fetus makes more movement in the womb.

Over belly underwear

Another leading choice in the list is over belly underwear that is one of the top recommendations and also the top-rated product among maternity underwear. It fits right to back and covers the bump accurately without creating any pressure over it. Also, it is body-hugging, so it provides comfort to you without making you feel uneasiness, and it will feel like it’s not even there. The most encountered problem during pregnancy does not fit accurately to the vagina that makes women feel naked in contrast to other options; this provides full coverage to the body. This piece is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex material that makes it super stretchable and makes space for the increasing bump. It would be better to choose for a size larger than normal to avoid discomfort during pregnancy.

Regular underwear

The last one in the listing we have is regular underwear that is common among women. It is not specifically maternity underwear but fits right every pregnant woman. Women with a smaller waist and larger bump find it very hassling to choose for an accurate piece of the underwear for pregnancy as they mostly get the ill-fitted garments that provide lousy look while dressing. This regular underwear can come in handy for almost everyone in finding the accurate size for them. This is made of polyester that body-hugging and gets higher from the back. It is essential for you to find the accurate fitting piece of lingerie during pregnancy as lousy fitting clothes can trigger uneasiness and frustration during pregnancy. Already during pregnancy, women go through a lot, and mood swings can sometimes become worse to handle, and underwear shouldn’t be a reason for it.

Hence, these are some of the top recommendations for the best underwear for pregnant women that can fit them accurately. Pregnant women can choose for the accurate piece among the listing stated above for finding your comfort.

Bonus tip

Well, we have taken an essential look into the essential aspects regarding bra and underwear for pregnancy for comfort. It is good to consider some high-quality brand that provides good stuff and avoid any uneasiness for pregnant women. It is a much considerable aspect for women not to wear a bra at night for easiness during the night. During pregnancy becomes heavier than normal due to which is normal that it is better to make yourself feel free. Well, you can ask your gynecologist regarding the sleepwear as they can guide you accurately regarding wearing them is a good option or not that don’t hinder the growth of the baby in the womb?

Another tip regarding underwear would be that you should be better washing your undergarments in lukewarm and clear water. Also, the detergent that you are using for washing your lingerie should be organic that is non-toxic as if any residue left in garments, then it doesn’t cause any harm to the skin.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can easily conclude to the point that it is essential for pregnant women to be aware of sleepwear. Additionally, it would be ideal for women to go for the higher quality stuff that is soft and comfy for your comfort as well as the good health of your baby. Using rough material might cause irritation and might lead to an adverse effect on a fetus’s health.

The physician’s assistance should be taken frequently to avoid any sort of uneasiness and discomfort to the mother as well as the fetus. When pondering to choose for the best underwear for pregnancy and bra, then you can also be considerable regarding the guide stated above in the article that is drawn from the experts.


It’s the most complicated word…because how can we really define it? In the last few years I have gone from “eventual mom” to “foster mom” to “pre-adoptive mom” to, hopefully some day soon, just what my son calls me- “momma/mommy”.Mom

Our whole world hangs on this notion of what a mom is. Or isn’t. You can be legally severed from being a mom. You can be legally “granted” motherhood. You can accidentally stumble upon it after 1 too many margaritas. You can be a biological mom, adoptive mom, spiritual mom, second mom to your kids friends, and probably at least 100 other types of mom.


No matter which type of mom you are (even “not a mom”), it’s all about your choices and what battles you are willing to fight. I hear all the time, “oh I could never do what you do or oh I don’t know how you do it!” Guess what? Neither do I. But I chose to be a mom and there is no battle that I won’t fight for my son. I am momma, hear me roar. The only choice left is to get up each day and fight the next battle.


For me that literally means fighting to keep my son. He’s too young to even know that countless hours have been left un-slept and a million tears cried for him. I hope that he never really knows about it all (not the facts and his history, but the emotional roller coaster that we go through). I hope all he ever knows is how much I love him.


Having my own child has made me stop and think some on what my mom went through as I was growing up. She is my biological mother and never had to fight for me, but that didn’t mean there weren’t scares. I’m going to ignore the teenage years for the sake of time. 🙂 … As a baby I contracted meningitis. The doctors told my parents that I would not survive the night. Obviously they were wrong.


Can you imagine the horror of that time? I can. Do you know how many times I have heard the story of me almost dying? Once, maybe twice ever. Actually, thinking about it always makes me question whether I just dreamed it because it’s not something I’ve ever heard much about. And that’s the way it should be.


Love is about being there for each other and truly caring. That’s what I walked away from my childhood knowing and what I strive to show my son every day. Someday he’s going to look back at all the pictures of us loving each other (ones that I can’t post here!). I hope the story of how I legally became his mom will seem like nothing more than a weird dream.


Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family Fun

One of our favorite places to explore in Charleston is Charles Towne Landing. As a teenager I volunteered there for many weekends, dressed up in the period clothing and all! Today I prefer to take a nice long walk around and teach our 3yo all about the true origin of bed bugs and where the old Settlers Village used to be. Of course, the 3yo leads the way, always going straight to the boat and then finally back down to the Animal Forest. I just enjoy every moment of beautiful bliss walking under the old oak trees.Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family Fun Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family Fun

There are also great picnic areas in and outside of the park. We grabbed lunch to go from Sesames (ooh yum) and had a nice shaded lunch before exploring.

Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family FunCharles Towne Landing- Charleston Family5

Oh and all of the oak trees…

Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family Fun

This one ^ is pretty cool because it has a stump marker to let you know that it was here at the time the Constitution was signed. Hello living history.
Admission is $10/adult; $6/age 6-15; Free for children 5 and younger. Open 9am-5pm, daily.
OR you can purchase a SC State Parks Passport for $75 for the whole family for the year!

If you are looking for a mommy night out, you should definitely join me for one of the Yoga Under the Oaks nights. One hour of yoga followed by happy hour. Oh yeah! I don’t even do yoga, but the idea of just laying under these beauties for an hour of peace sounds pretty awesome to me!

Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family Fun Charles Towne Landing- Charleston Family Fun

Angel Oak Restaurant {Foodie Friday}

Helloooooo, Shrimp and Grits. Angel Oak Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in Charleston, although by mailing it’s on John’s Island, yet it’s physically at the end of West Ashley. Confused? Don’t be… all you need to know is that it’s really good and you will probably want reservations for dinner. Also, follow their Facebook for almost daily specials.
Ready to see some amazing yumminess?Angel Oak Restaurant {Foodie Friday}

These were both amazing. I am a huge fan of pimento cheese and Angel Oak’s is some of my absolute favorite!Angel Oak Restaurant {Foodie Friday}

  1. LOVE. THE. SHRIMP. AND. GRITS. OMGosh. They are actually called the “Bang Bang Shrimp and Grits” BANG BANG.
    The grits are awesome, the sauce on them is fantastic, the shrimp is local, and it is “decorated” with fried green tomatoes. Perfection.
    Now may I present to you… The Piggy Mac. oooh yeah.Angel Oak Restaurant {Foodie Friday}It’s every bit as good as you are imagining it to be. Kent orders this almost every time we go and rarely can eat even half of it. More leftovers for me!

    So what will you be ordering? 🙂Angel Oak Restaurant {Foodie Friday}

Narrow Farmhouse Table

We built our first piece of furniture! I love it! We haven’t painted the table yet or the chairs to match and actually it’s no longer even in this room (I’ll show you what we moved around later), but I love passing by the table and feeling that sense of pride from having built it ourselves. 🙂 We used the Ana White Narrow Farmhouse Table plan. I don’t remember making any changes to the plans, but ours seems way bigger than the one on the tutorial. I love it anyways!

What color should we paint it? I’m leaning towards white because I LOVE white, but it could be fun to have a bright color!Narrow Farmhouse Table

Haha! Those mismatched chairs are so bad! I bought 4, but the scaffolding split 1 in half and the 2 cloth ones are from Pier 1 and going up for sale on Craigslist very soon!Narrow Farmhouse Table

Wow! I’m so glad our walls aren’t that green anymore. The original bright red was worst, but something about the green just never sat right with me. It is currently white on bottom and a slight off-white on top (this last picture). Work in progress!
Have you ever built anything from Ana White’s site? I think it’s amazing what all she puts out there for free!

You Can’t Airbrush Self Love

Today’s post is very near and dear to my heart face. You can’t airbrush self love. And that goes 2 ways… You can’t airbrush yourself so much that you suddenly love the way you look (not really) and you can’t airbrush away self love if you truly do have it. I touchup my pictures in Picmonkey and I feel no shame for it! I can get rid of the bags under my eyes, smooth out my skin, and brighten my hair in seconds! Still, there are two flaws pointed out to me by two not-so-smooth guys, that I can never/will never get rid of. Want a laugh? Read on!You Can't Airbrush Self Love

The first flaw was pointed out to me by an ex-boyfriend just after I had nose surgery for a deviated septum. No matter what celebrities say- surgery for a deviated septum does not change the way your nose looks! That is plastic surgery.
So there I was, finally healed and able to go on a date and the first thing he said was, “You got the thing on your nose fixed!” Um… what? What thing? Apparently, all these years I had actually had a little slant to the tip of my nose. I never knew till that moment and it had, in fact, not been fixed! Jerk, burst my perfect-nose-bubble. LOL.
You Can't Airbrush Self Love

The second flaw was so ungracefully pointed out by my husband. Every now and then it comes up and we start laughing all over again.
We were talking one night, when he leaned in and exclaimed, “EW! What is that!?!?” He was pointing to a freckle. He apparently had never noticed it until that moment and was convinced alien poop had landed on my face and that was the correct way to notify me. hahaha. It’s just below my left eye, next to my nose. I had never really paid any attention to it before. Naturally, he burst into nervous laughter and apologized a million times. I was not the first victim of him blurting out things, so I knew he meant no harm. But in the end there it was- this giant freckle of a flaw shining bright in the almost-center of my face.
It’s not nearly as cute as the mickey mouse freckle I get on my bottom lip in the summer, but you can’t cut freckles off so what’s a girl to do?
You Can't Airbrush Self Love

Fast forward a few years, many nights of frustration with makeup, many pictures torn up for showing too many chins, and far too many bad thoughts soaring through my mind on an almost daily basis. There I was sitting on our couch in the most perfect light of the day and I started to wonder what I looked like.
Do you ever look in the mirror and see one (beautiful, glorious) thing and then see a picture of yourself later and want to cry?
I do all the time. So with nothing else to do with this free-time, I decided to start snapping pictures with my phone.
What I found is that the closer I got, the more I liked what I saw. I got goofy with it and took pictures of me fake laughing, smiling big, turning to each side, yawning, etc.
How does the world see me when I do this _____?
In the end I feel that I have a new appreciation for myself and my face. So my nose is a little slanted, oh well. And I kind of like that freckle. I kind of like all of my freckles. They make me who I am. I am beautiful.
Go do it! You know you want to. 🙂 Grab your phone and snap some close-ups. You are beautiful.

Charleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

The Port of Charleston is home to a Carnival Cruise ship. You depart from here to the Bahamas for 5 nights and you can do it for as little as $200/person. That is nuts! Which is why we did it. 🙂 Unfortunately, so did my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend… Can you say awkward? Here are some do and don’t ideas for your cruise…Charleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

See that happy guy? Yeah, that’s Kent right after he went on stage the FIRST time for being the loudest, most obnoxious sounding person in the theatre. He wanted to be on the trivia show and his loudness was rewarded with a chance to go on stage. Turns out he knew almost no answers, but he was further rewarded with a medal. lol.
In response to the screaming-
The MC: “Did you know he could do that?” Me: “It happens more than you would think.”
And I was right. A mere 30 minutes later the large theater was packed for the Welcome Aboard Show and we had one of the best seats. On the second floor, a whole booth to ourselves. I kept hoping that a couple our age would sit down (the booths hold like 6 people and everyone shares), but almost the entire place was packed yet we were still all alone. Maybe they had all heard Kent’s screaming for the trivia show and it was a protective measure?
Finally! A girl about my same age walks up and asks if “they” can share our booth. YES! Please sit! *thinking yay this is awesome, someone our age* And as she scooted to the side to sit down, her significant other was left standing right in front and towering over me. Both of our eyes widened and I’m sure terror could be seen on my face. Why hello there dear asshole of an ex-boyfriend. omg.
We had only dated, pretty casually for about 3 months but he was just one of those guys who is so arrogant and was so rude that it makes your stomach turn to think you even wasted 3 days on him, let alone 3 months. (Yes, this is the nose surgery guy from my self love post!)
This wasn’t our first time seeing each other since the break up. A few months prior I had hidden in my work kitchen from him. {We work(ed) in the same industry so I expected it would happen eventually.} He tracked me down and acted like we were BFFs. It was weird.
But back to the present situation- I held my breath for a moment trying to decide what to do, what to say, how to run away. We both stayed silent. It seemed like the best answer in that moment. I needed to get a message to Kent quickly to BE QUIET. Don’t do anything embarrassing, let’s just get past this show and find our side of the ship. It’s a big enough ship, right?!? I whispered through my teeth to him, “don’t do anything crazy.”
Big mistake. I should have rented a billboard. This is Kent we’re talking about! Kent is KNOWN for doing the crazy stuff, being the loudest, not staying nice and quiet!
About 10 minutes later I found myself sitting in that booth, just the 3 of us, watching Kent on stage. You see, they did a competition amongst the men- whoever does the loudest Tarzan yell loves their wife the most and gets to go on stage. My dear, sweet husband just had to give it his all much to my dismay. I mean, throw his shirt off, pound his chest, never-ending Tarzan yell at the top of his very LOUD lungs. Yep.
It didn’t end there though. The MC instructed Kent and the audience that for the rest of the trip (this was hour one, day one btw) anytime someone said “Hey Kent” Kent would have to stop what he was doing, say “Yes, I am Kent and this is my lovely wife Alison of 3 years and I love her so much that I’m willing to do this…”, jump up and down three times, spin around, do Michael Jackson crotch move, complete with “ow!” E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E
Kent was again rewarded, but this time with a bottle of champagne, which was in turn given straight to me. Doctor’s orders. My ex’s gf leaned over to congratulate Kent and I. I said a sideways thank you and died a little inside. Poor girl probably has no idea why I was so cold to her, but my ex and I had entered into an unwritten contract to stay silent and I just wanted out of that booth!
We spent the next 30 minutes sitting awkward and quietly all in our booth together. When the show ended, they left pretty quickly, and I broke the news to Kent. Finally! His eyes got big, and voice got high, as he turned 3 shades of red darker… we were ready to start the week with our new “tanned” faces. 🙂
Verdict: DO if your Ex isn’t sitting with you.
This was indeed a sweet, yet crazy thing for my husband to do and you shouldn’t be afraid to let yours go crazy too if he feels so inclined. You do get champagne in the end. And you become this micro-celebrity for the rest of the cruise. I mean EVERYONE knew us and it re-played on the in-cruise channel every 15 minutes. People bought us drinks and greeted us everywhere for the rest of the cruise. And Kent got a lot of exercise, jumping up and down while in the pool, walking down the hallway, and being seated at dinner to name a few of the 100+ times.Charleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

At the first port I really wanted to just sit on the beach, but Kent was looking for adventure. We saw lots of people renting scooters and thought it might be fun. So wrong.
My helmet clip was broken, we had only one mirror, AND the scooter wouldn’t turn off. After riding for the longest, scariest mile ever, we found this little spot and wanted to catch our breath (it was terrifying being on it!) and take some pictures. Long story short- took pictures (the only good thing out of it), took scooter back, demanded refund, people lied to us, called cops on us, cops said we were allowed to stand there, ex-bf again shows up riding his perfect scooter, karma obviously was taking a nap, hours later got our money back. Then we walked down to a fun restaurant and called it a day.
Verdict: NEVER EVER rent a scooter. When we got back I finally read the itinerary that the cruise ship hands out- HUGE warning about the scooters in it! Oops.
March your happy butt down to this beach which is so close to the port. I had no idea it was right there until we got back on the boat…
Charleston to Bahamas Carnival CruiseCharleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

When we got back to the ship we decided to just relax. The other ships docked by us were doing their lifeboat testing and it was so funny! And kind of scary. These things just puttered around on a tiny engine and a couple of the guys had to help each other and hit one with a wrench when the engine stopped.
Verdict: DO so you know which lifeboat to sneak onto in case yours is the dud. lol.
{not real legal or life-saving advice, can’t hold me accountable, yada yada yada…}
Charleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

I have ice cream cone issues and apparently Kent is a pro.
Verdict: DO eat the ice cream and desserts. It’s vacation. 🙂 The chocolate thing with a side of ice cream at dinner is the most amazing thing you’ll ever eat. Let the ice cream melt a little and then put it in the chocolate cake thing to cut the richness. yum.
Charleston to Bahamas Carnival CruiseCharleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

The next port is Freeport. They were working on building a restaurant, but I’m not sure when that opens. We payed for a van to take us to a remote beach. It was so much fun! The drinks were actually priced pretty low, the chairs and umbrellas were also cheap to rent, and it wasn’t very crowded. The water was pristine and there were other fun rentals for kids. It was the best day of the whole cruise. On the van ride back we sat in front of the cruise’s other “micro-celebrity” who won the hairy chest contest the day before. He and Kent commiserated on their stint of fame and it was hilarious.
Verdict: DO!!! Seriously good time at that beach. Worth every penny!
Charleston to Bahamas Carnival CruiseCharleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

So the girls next to us were laying out and chatting when two of their friends came up and dumped seaweed on their backs. It was kind of funny to watch.
Mostly I just thought about how much fun it would be to go with a group of girl friends!
Verdict: DO go with friends, but watch your back!
Charleston to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

Overall it was a really nice vacation. Not even the sight of my horrible, ex can ruin a good time in the sun, swimming in clear water, and having fun with my husband. We also went to the comedy night (hilarious), the closing show, charades, the art gallery seminars, and the gambling course (you get a $5 matching card!) to name a few. We spent a lot of time relaxing (I was badly sunburnt after the scooter ride), took time to get ready for dinner each night, didn’t rush anywhere, and enjoyed as much of the ship as we could!
One thing we definitely did differently than a lot of people- we went to the pool later in the day so we’d always get good seats, there are less people in the pool {You can actually get in it!}, and we still had plenty of time to relax and get ready for dinner because we chose to do the open seating. You can still sit with people, even without an assigned table. We made friends with people at our table a few of the nights and then spent a couple just enjoying dinner together. Most importantly- It’s vacation! Don’t pressure yourself into a set meal time, get crazy and go to a club at night, sleep in as late as you want, and just have fun. 🙂
Verdict: DO go on the Carnival Cruise out of Charleston!charleston

Happy Earth Day! {Shaklee Giveaway}

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Happy Earth Day! {Shaklee Giveaway}

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Why do I love Shaklee and am so excited right now? Why NOT…Happy Earth Day! {Shaklee Giveaway}Happy Earth Day! {Shaklee Giveaway}Happy Earth Day! {Shaklee Giveaway}Happy Earth Day! {Shaklee Giveaway}