How Do I Choose a Crib Mattress

Baby crib mattresses help babies sleep better and deeper. However, how to choose the best baby crib mattress and how to use the mattress to get the best effect is the overall question in the article? Please refer to the article below!

Lessons and experiences on how to choose a baby crib mattress

Choose a solid and flat crib mattress

Most mothers when choosing crib mattresss for their baby, often choose soft crib mattresses that are able to support baby’s back so as to avoid back and joint pains. However, this is not a good choice, it’s even more dangerous for baby as this kind of crib mattress affect the bone structure of the baby. A crib mattress with flatness and moderate hardness will help baby develop well and even have better sleep. Comfort during sleep contributes to the formation and development of the brain and bones of young baby.

Therefore, a firm and flat crib mattress is a good choice when selecting the first crib mattress for your baby.

 The crib mattress must have good ventilation

The body temperature of young baby often changes, so you should choose a type of crib mattress with good hygroscopy and good ventilation so as to keep moisture during winter and have good ventilation during the summer. A well-aerated crib mattress will help young baby get deeper sleep and avoid the risk of suffocation. This is because when the baby’s crib mattress is not well aerated, there is no ventilation and this will cause the body to get hot, especially during the summer, and cause body rashes to occur.How Do I Choose a Crib Mattress

 Size and the moderate thickness

Note that when choosing a crib mattress for your baby, we recommend that you choose a type of crib mattress with moderate thickness. You should not choose a very thick crib mattress because handling the baby’s hygiene will be very difficult. Further, the bed will be unnecessarily tall and easy for the baby to fall. The mother should choose a 9cm thickness padding to ensure good aesthetics, durability, and ease of handling baby’s hygiene.

Choice of colors of soft upholstery cover and funny texture

Choosing soft color wraps and funny motifs is a factor that mothers often overlook when buying beddings for baby.

When buying beddings for your baby, do not ignore this. Usually, baby like funny and cute animal pictures, and of course, when your baby really loves the color of his crib mattress, he will have a good night’s sleep and be more interested in his room. Therefore, be very careful when choosing types of crib mattresss with funny motifs and gentle colors for your baby.


Most latex crib mattresses contain high levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can become toxic when heated by a baby’s body temperature. VOC poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and irritation of the eyes and nose. More seriously, prolonged exposure may damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and central nervous system.

VacuumingHow Do I Choose a Crib Mattress

The first step to cleaning the crib mattress is to vacuum. Vacuuming helps remove dust mites, dirt, dead skin, hair loss, and other debris from the crib mattress. You should use a vacuum cleaner with a large brush installed while cleaning the top of the crib mattress. Use a long suction nozzle to remove dust from the grooves, edges, and corners. Note that before vacuuming, make sure to clean the faucet and brush attached to the vacuum cleaner.

Dealing with stains

You should immediately clean any water spills on the crib mattress. Wet a clean towel with cold water and blot the spill. Do not rub too hard to prevent water from getting deeper into the crib mattress. Pat until the towel drains excess water from the crib mattress.

 Remove stains on the crib mattress

Mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 spoon of dishwashing liquid into a small bowl. Use a spoon to stir until the mixture forms foam. Dip the old toothbrush into the foam and gently rub it on the dirty crib mattress. Then wipe off excess water with a damp, clean cloth. For foam crib mattresses, use only a very small amount of cleaning solution to avoid wetting the crib mattress

This solution can effectively handle stains caused by dust, food, and drinking water.

Remove biological stains with an enzyme cleaning solution

Spray a small amount of enzyme cleaning solution on a clean towel. Dab a towel over the stain and leave it on for 15 minutes. Use that towel to dab on the dirty area to remove the stain. Clean the area just treated with a clean cloth dipped in cold water.

Do not spray cleaning solution directly on the crib mattress. Do not leave the crib mattress wet, especially foam crib mattresses, so during cleaning, you should use a cleaning solution as little as possible. The enzyme cleaning solution can break down proteins in the blood, urine, sweat, vomit, and other biological stains. In addition, this solution also helps effectively treat stains caused by grease.

Sprinkle Baking soda on the crib mattress

After you have treated the stain, you can clean and deodorize the entire crib mattress by sprinkling baking soda with lots of baking soda all over the crib mattress.

To give the crib mattress a pleasant scent, add 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to baking soda before sprinkling it on the crib mattress.

Pour baking soda onto the sieve so that it can spread evenly over the crib mattress through the sieve.

Hang the crib mattress out in the air

After cleaning, you should expose the crib mattress to the air for a while to dry out any water that remains on the crib mattress. Water trapped inside the crib mattress can cause mold and is difficult to clean. When the weather is warm, you can open the window to allow cool air from outside to enter the room and dry the crib mattress faster. In addition, you can also open curtains and blinds to catch the sun because UV rays from the sun can kill bacteria and mold on the crib mattress, eliminate odors, and dry the crib mattress faster.

Hopefully, the information I have shared in the article will help parents choose the best quality baby crib mattress, know how to clean the crib mattress effectively, and lastly ensure good health of the baby!