Narrow Farmhouse Table

We built our first piece of furniture! I love it! We haven’t painted the table yet or the chairs to match and actually it’s no longer even in this room (I’ll show you what we moved around later), but I love passing by the table and feeling that sense of pride from having built it ourselves. šŸ™‚ We used theĀ Ana White Narrow Farmhouse TableĀ plan. I don’t remember making any changes to the plans, but ours seems way bigger than the one on the tutorial. I love it anyways!

What color should we paint it? I’m leaning towards white because I LOVE white, but it could be fun to have a bright color!Narrow Farmhouse Table

Haha! Those mismatched chairs are so bad! I bought 4, but the scaffolding split 1 in half and the 2 cloth ones are from Pier 1 and going up for sale on Craigslist very soon!Narrow Farmhouse Table

Wow! I’m so glad our walls aren’t that green anymore. The original bright red was worst, but something about the green just never sat right with me. It is currently white on bottom and a slight off-white on top (this last picture). Work in progress!
Have you ever built anything fromĀ Ana White’s site? I think it’s amazing what all she puts out there for free!